Puppet and Masks

Orissa has a rich tradtion of toys, dolls, puppets and masks. Among the best known are the wooden toys, gaily painted animals, fish and fowl that commented the wildlife of Orissa’s woods and waters, some mythical animals,the most typical being the Gajasimha, a lion riding an elephant, apperntly a ritual figure for one sees it on the temple doorways everywhere in Orissa. Puppet dance or Kandheinacha in widely popular in Orissa. The dancing dolls are small in size and are made of light wood. Their joints are flexible and they are painted colorfully. As a result of their movement become smooth and pleasant. Masks are carved out of wood and are painted brightly. These masks are also made of paper-Mache. It is relatively a new craft in Orissa. The pulp is prepared from waste paper, moistened and mixed with liquid gum and clay.

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