Silver Filigree

Silver Filigree or "TARAKASHI" of Orissa is very widely known. Silver Filigree works particularly are unique examples of artistic excellence rarely to be seen in any other part of India. Silver wires, extremely delicate, are shaped into intricate designs. Forms of animals and birds, articles of daily use like vermilion receptacles are also made out of silver wires- Filigree ornaments, especially brooches and earrings are very popular among the ladies. The craft is localised to Cuttack town and a few villages in Cuttack district. Beaten silver is drawn into fine wires and foils, which are then fashioned together to create jewelers of infinite beauty. Royal household were known to hanker after the snow-glazed filigree pieces of Cuttack. The silver filigree and other silver items have, like other handicrafts, a very important socio-cultural function. The workmanship here is similar to that done in Indonesia and it is these cross-cultural influences which may have introduced this wonderful art to India.

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