Bishama Katak

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Type: CT
Population: 7408
Class: V
About City Bishama Katek (also known as Bissam-Cuttack) is a census town in Rayagada district in the state of Odisha. Bissam Cuttack is surrounded by the great Niyamgiri Hill. Small canals like Markama Nala, Mundabandha Nala, Gate Nala and Rata Tikiri Nala surrounds the village in 4 directions of this Village. During the rule of Gangavansis (8th and 9th centuries) it was under the feudatory chief of Kalinga-Utkal empire Dadarnav Dev of Gudari katak. One stone scripture of 12th century, collected by historian Shri Sriranga Nayak of Bissam cuttack, supports the statement. As per the research work done by Padmashree Dr. Satyanarayana Rajguru, an eminent personality of Ganjam district and the then asst of Kalinga Historical Research society, King Paramardin Dev (who was the ruler of the then Kalinga-Utkal) established a new sub-capital as well as a fort at Bissamcuttack for better administration of the western- Utkal i.e. Phulbani and kalahandi area. When the area was attacked frequently by the rulers of Chedi dynasty, he shifted the sub-capital to Gudari Katak from Bissam cuttack.
Bishama Katak      

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