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Type: Municipality
Population: 63678
Class: II
About City Bargarh, is a town and a municipality in Bargarh district in the state of Odisha. It is the administrative headquarters of Bargarh District. Bargarh is located in Western Odisha, close to the border of neighboring state of Chhattisgarh. The whole of Bargarh district lies in the Deccan plateau with Eastern Ghats running close to the town. As per the earthquake zoning of India, Bargarh falls in the zone 2 category, the least earthquake prone zone. The headquarter of Bargarh district lies on the National Highway No.6, Kolkata to Mumbai, hence well connected to the rest of the country with well-constructed road. The Railway Station (Code - BRGA) is served by DBK Railway running from Jharsuguda to Titilagarh. The station is just 4 km off the main town. The nearest Airport is at Raipur (CG) (220 km) & Bhubaneswar (OD)(350 km). The best period of the year to visit this place is between October to March. During this period the Dhanu Yatra Festival (reportedly World’s largest open air theater) is observed here. Bargarh is known for the annual festival, Dhanu Jatra which attracts lot of tourists. Dhanu Jatra, celebrated every winter, is an open stage dramatization of Krishna Leela with virtually the whole town as a stage. Spanning over a period of 10 days and a radius of 5 km, with the universal theme of ‘triumph of good over evil’, it depicts the mythological story of Krishna starting from marriage of his parents till the death of Kansa, the evil king. For this whole period, the town turns into the mythological city of Mathura with Kansa (played by a theater artist) ‘ruling’ over it. The natives of the town claim this festival to be the world largest open stage play. Kali-puja is one of the big festivals at kali mandir road, Bargah when Goddess Maa Shyama Kali is worshiped on the occasion of dipawali and yagyans are organized. The big beautiful statue of Goddess Shyama kali is made up of alloy including 8 kind of metals. A new temple for the Goddess built recently is really an attraction point for the pilgrims. Beside the kali temple, there are Sri Syameshwar Mahadev temple and Hanuman temple. Bargarh is also called a business hub of western Odisha. "SAMBALPURI SAREES" originated from Bargarh district itself. Hand wooven sarees and other Sambalpuri Clothes are made in Bargarh District. Padmasree Kutarth Acharya was the founder of Sambalpuri clothes. The great places for shopping includes Sambalpuri Bastralaya for all kind of Sambalpuri clothes at affordable price from any other place in India is near Jadu Babu Chowk, Beauty collection Main Road Bargarh for clothes and apparel, Sweets of Piplani sweets, Chawal Bara of Govt. Bus stand, Idly in the evening near Marwari Dharamsala, Bada chana Alloo of Debri near Apsara, Raja Biscuits of Joshi in Poddar Gali, Pulao of Aalam in railway station road. The economy of Bargarh is largely dependent on agricultural products. There is also a cement factory along with a sugar mill and a tread mill in the town to provide further boost to the economy. A part of the district is well irrigated with a network of canals originating from river Mahanadi, ensuring a good crop.
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