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Type: Municipality
Population: 52586
Class: II
About City Barbil is a town and a municipality in the Kendujhar district also known as Keonjhar district of the state of Odisha. The area around Barbil has the fifth largest deposit of iron ore and manganese ore in the world. It is a main cause of revenue generation for both the central and the state government. Barbil has a cosmopolitan culture due to the influx of people from almost all states of India and boast of a very good convent school by the name 'St. Mary's School' and 'Jindal School'. Barbil is an industrialised town with a number of steel plants,iron ore pellet plants, ore crushers and mines. The area is very rich in iron ore. The other mineral found is manganese ore. The latest demand is for iron ore fines. Now-a-days the mines cannot meet upto the demand from the area. The iron ore which is benificated is also exported to China. This town also has Steel manufacturing, Iron ore pellet manufacturer and liquid oxygen production. A large number of industries have come up in the recent past. It remains to be seen how the government's directive increasing the cost of export of raw iron ore affects the economy of Barbil town. There are many hotels and lodges located in this town. They are: Padma Inn, Hotel Prateek, Hotel Smita, Lucky India, Aadhar Hotel, Hotel Karrow, Hotel Indrapuri and The World.
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