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Type: Municipality
Population: 43097
Class: III
About City Parlakhemundi (Oriya: ପାରଳାଖେମୁଣ୍ଡି) is an ancient town and a municipality in Gajapati district in the state of Odisha. The major languages spoken in this region is Oriya. Hornwork is the oldest craft of Paralakhemundi. The artisans of this art are called Maharanas. These artisans are said to have migrated from a place called Pitala in Ganjam district under the patronage of the Maharajah of Gajapati, Krishna Chandra Deb. The hornwork items include figurines, birds, animals and scenes from Indian mythology. Palace Street is famous for its hornwork showrooms.The horn works of Paralakhemundi were one of the important products of cottage industry10. The horn works of Paralakhemundi got a special place amongst the works of Calcutta, Punjab, Kakinada and Trivandrum. The horn works were made chiefly out of the horns of cattle which were supplied from the neighbouring maliahs of the zamindari. The artists of Paralakhemundi first of all used to prepare birds from the horns. Gradually they prepared combs, elephants, horses, prawns, idols of Lord Jagannatha etc. They were send to the places like Vizianagaram, Rajamundry and Kakinada. These horn works were also highly popular in the international market.Paralakhemundi,although Oriya culture is prominent, one can see the mixed culture of Oriya and Telugu as the town is adjacent to state of Andhra Pradesh. People are highly religious. Dasahara, Gamhapurnima, Rath yatra, Holi, Gajalakshmi Puja, Ganesh Puja, Kali Puja, Sankranti and Thakurani Yatra are major Hindu festivals observed in the town. The town is famous for its Ratha Yatra and also for Gajamunha dance. The legendary mountain Mahendra Mountains is situated nearby. The artists of Paralakhemundi used to carve out beautiful works like throne, khatuli (cot) etc. out of ivory and bone. Forests in which a large number of elephants lived surrounded Paralakhemundi. Hence, ivory was were plentifully available in Paralakhemundi. Sri. Radha Krushna Maharana & his son Sri. Purnachandra Maharana, Surendra Maharana and Bhaskara Maharana were experts in the field of ivory works during the British period. Gunupur , Ichchapuram , Berhampur are the nearby Cities to Paralakhemundi. Paralakhemundi lies in the south-east of the east Indian state of Odisha. It is on the banks of Mahendratanaya river. Paralakhemundi boarders with a town called Pathapatnam of Andhra Pradesh. The town is located on a hilly terrain. The climate is subtropical with high humidity. The temperature varies between 18-48 degree Celsius. Summer is extremely hot with some thunderstorms and minor cyclones, which occasionally cause power outages. Paralakhemundi receives rainfall from the southwest monsoons and the wettest months are July, August and September.
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