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Type: UA
Population: 484874
Class: I
About City Raurkela is a city located in the northwestern border of the Indian state of Odisha. It is the third largest city of Odisha after Bhubaneswar & Cuttack, which is situated about 340 kilometres (211 mi) north of state capital Bhubaneswar, the city is surrounded by a range of hills and encircled by rivers. One of the largest steel plants of the Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) is situated here. It also has one of the National Institutes of Technology (NIT Rourkela) of the country.The name Rour kela in the local tribal language of Sadri means "Our Village". It comes under Sundargarh district of the Indian state of Odisha. The twin towns of Raurkela and Fertilizer Township as well as their developed periphery are located in areas that were once covered by dense forests. The Raurkela Township is divided into two separate townships under Census of India as Steel Township and Civil Township. The Residential quarters colony of Raurkela Steel Plant having 21 sectors on record (while in reality the Sector – 10, 11 and 12 do not exist, though the area for the same is earmarked) is called Steel Township and the other part is called Civil Township. One smaller township Fertilizer was renamed sector-22, as this township is within the purview of SAIL. Raurkela is the industrial capital of Odisha. It has industries of all sizes. The city is known internationally for iron & steel trades. Raurkela has a tropical climate and receives high rainfall during Southwest monsoon (June – September) and retreating Northeast monsoon (December – January). Average annual rainfall ranges between 160 and 200 cm. The steel city is divided mainly into two sections: Old Raurkela (sections of the city near the railway station that were settled prior to RSP coming up) and the much larger Steel township. The Steel township till 1999, was divided into 18 Sectors, Sector 6 being the largest of them.
Kalinga Vihar      
Kalinga Vihar      
Basanti Nagar      
Udit Nagar      
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Sector 4      
Sector 5      
Sector 6      
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Sector 9      
Sector 10      
Sector 11      
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Koel Nagar      
Shakti Nagar      

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