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Type: UA
Population: 226469
Class: I
About City Sambalpur, is the second largest city by population in Western Odisha and is the district headquarters of Sambalpur district. Sambalpur is the seat of Sambalpur Metropolitan Area which consists of Hirakud and Burla. Hirakud and Burla are the two different Notified Area Councils of Sambalpur Metropolitan Area and is also 5th largest city in the state. Sambalpur is the region's economic and education hub. The city contains many historic buildings and parks, and is also the commercial capital of Western Odisha. Sambalpur is a prime railway junction in Odisha with the headquarters of Sambalpur Railway Division located at this place, it connects the rest of Odisha with western and northern India. National Highway 6, National Highway 42 and State Highway 10 pass through the city. Sambalpur is also the headquarters of Mahanadi Coalfields Limited since 1992, a subsidiary of Coal India Limited. Sambalpur is famous for Hirakud Dam, Sambalpuri Saree, Sambalpuri songs, Sambalpuri Dance, the Sitalsasthi Carnival and Gandhi temple. Sambalpuri is the native language of the place. Sambalpur derives its name from that of the Goddess Samalei (Oriya: ସମଲେଇ ଠାକୁରାଣୀ), who is regarded as the reigning deity of the region. The region in which Sambalpur city is located was also known as Hirakhanda from ancient times. In history, it has also been known as 'Sambalaka'. Claudius Ptolemy has described the place as "Sambalak". According to Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, the French traveller, and Edward Gibbon, the English historian, diamonds were exported to Rome from Sambalpur. Gole bazzar is the buisiest and largest shopping area in the city. Some of the well known shopping malls, shopping centers and shops of the city are Big Bazzar, Reliance Trends, Anand World, Harjit Planet, Bazzar Kolkata, Anand Super Bazzar, Reliance Footprint, Varun Plaza, Sanjana Jewellers at (Dhanupali) etc. The Big Bazzar (city center) has a food court with a gaming center nearby, it also has Eyelex cinema hall.
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