Shrikshetra Utsav

Location : Puri
Description : Puri is not only a land of temples, beaches and secnic spots, but also a land of festivals. Every season Puri brings a host of colourful festivals. To showcase the city’s art, craft, culture, cuisine and to highlight the history, rich tradition and cultural heritage of the holy city to pilgrims and tourists, the annual 'Shreekshetra Utsav - The Puri Festival' organised in Puri every year. Shreekshetra Utshav is organized on the sacred beaches of Puri, Odisha, to celebrate the vivacious culture, tradition and history of the place. It is conducted every year with the initiative of Department of Tourism and Culture, Government of Odisha.

Sea fondly called the Mahodadhi is also quite popular but other glorious traditions of the city like the handlooms and handicraft, mouth watering, cruising, the vibrant martial traditions, folk culture and classical dance & music etc are little known to the tourists To show case the rich history, culture and traditions of the holy city, Shreekshetra Utsav, the Puri festival was conceived for the 1st time in the year 2005. The 1st festival was organized from 14th April to 28th April 2005. It mainly aims at promoting the cultural heritage of the state of Odisha. Exquisite folk and contemporary dances testify the traditions that have enriched the cultural canvas of the place with vivid shades. Odissi dance represents the classical dancing tradition while other dances such as Sambalpuri Dance, Gotipua Dance, Chhau, Danda Nritya, Paika Akhada and Ghoda Nacha adds to the charm of the festival. Puppets shows are also organized which portrays scenes from Indian epics including Ramayana and Mahabharata. The main features of Shreekshetra Utshav include Odissi food festival, Shree Jayadeva Odissi Sangeet Samaroh, handloom expo, handicrafts expo, Shrimad Bhagabata Parayana and sand art exhibition.

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