Konark Festival

Location : Konark sun Temple
Time: December
Description : Konark Dance Festival is a dance festival held every year in December in backdrop of the Sun temple in Konark, Odisha. As a fitting tribute to the majestic monument, eminent classical dancers of India get together during the Konark Dance Festival every year from 1st to 5th December to present live performances of their art. The Konark dance festival Odisha is organized by eminent Odissi guru Gangadhar Pradhan's Odisha (Orissa) Dance Academy in association with the Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre, Kolkata at Konark Natya Mandap in Konark. As the sun sets, the open air auditorium gains life in the form of musical beats and rhythmic movements under the star lit sky. With the poem in stone at the backdrop, the festival proves to be a true cultural feast. A celebration of Odissi, Bharathnatyam, Manipuri, Kathak and Chau Dances; the festival truly comes as a lavish feast for the eyes and ears. The sound of Ghungroo bells, flute and Pakhauj add on to the festive mood.

The exquisite 'Salamander' or the 'dancing hall' of this shrine is an architectural wonder. Every inch of its walls have been covered with fine artistic designs of the ancient times. Musicians playing drums, cymbals and other musical instruments adorn the sculptures in Odissi dance poses. Many celebrated dancers from all over the country perform at this venue. Since 1989, this festival has been organized in the state jointly by Odisha Tourism and Odissi Research Centre to promote the diverse Indian dance heritage as well as the popularity of Konark Temple and Odisha as a tourist destination.

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