Jhulana Yatra

Time: full moon of Sravana ( July and August )
Description : Lord Jagannatha, which is an expression of the deity Krishna, is the reason for music, dancing, and merriment during Jhulan Yatra (also spelled Jhulan Latra ). This festival takes place over 17 days preceding the full moon of Sravana, a month of the Hindu calendar that falls sometime between July and August. The celebration, which culminates with the full-moon day, takes place ahead of Janmashtami, the festival marking Krishna's birth. Several towns and cities hold official celebrations, but the grandest of them takes place at the Temple of Jagannath in the Orissa town of Puri.

To the Vaishnavas the festival is known as Jhulan Purnima or the Swing festival which is observed in most of the Vishnu temples and monasteries following the cult. Beginning from the Tenth day of the bright fort-night, it culminates on the Purnima day. The metal images of Radha and Krishna are placed on beautifully decorated swings and nights are spent with singing and dancing in front of the deities. As an important festival of Lord Jagannath, the celebration of the festival in the shrine and monasteries at Puri attracts visitors from far and near.

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