Biswakarma Puja

Description : Vishwakarma Puja is a festival dedicated to Lord Vishwakarma, who according to the Hindu mythology is the Lord of Creation and the Principal Universal Architect who designed the divine architecture of the entire universe - the heaven and the earth. With his representation - sitting on the back of his elephant, and holding a water pot, the Vedas, a noose and craftsmen's tools in each of his four hands, he is highly regarded as the Patron God of all workers and professionals. It is believed that it was he who revealed the mysteries of sciences of the industry to mankind and therefore, is revered as the supreme worker with excellence in craftsmanship.

The festival of the God of Architecture, Biswakarma, the Divine Architect, is celebrated in September by industrial houses, artists, craftsmen, and weavers. Artisans clean their tools and repaint old machines. On this day it celebrated by the engineering and architectural community, but also by other professionals like artisans, craftsmen, weavers, mechanics, smiths, welders, industrial workers and factory workers. The festival is observed on the Kanya Sankranti Day (September).

The images and idols of Lord Vishwakarma and his faithful elephant are inaugurated and worshipped in beautifully decorated pandals. The industrial towns in urban area come alive with decorative pandals.

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