Chandrakanti ( ଚନ୍ଦ୍ରକାନ୍ତି )

Speacility :
Ingredients : Ingridients : ( ଆବଶ୍ୟକ ସାମଗ୍ରୀ )
200gm split green gram ( mung dal )
200gm sugar ( ଚିନି )
Coconut ( ନଡିଆ )-optional
50gm rice (chaula) ( ଚାଉଳ )
1 cup milk (khira) ( କ୍ଷୀର )
1 teaspoon cardamom – powdered ( ଗୁଜୁରାତି ଗୁଣ୍ଡ )
vegetable oil or ghee ( ରିଫାଇନ୍ ତେଲ କିମ୍ବା ଘିଅ ) as your choice
Salt as needed ( ଲୁଣ ଆବଶ୍ୟକ ଅନୁସାରେ )
HowToMake: How to Prepare : ( ପ୍ରସ୍ତୁତ ପ୍ରଣାଳୀ )
Soak rice and Mung dal in separate bowls for at least 3 to 4 5 hours. wash soaked item separetaly.These will be later ground together to make a batter. Grind the soaked items separately. Now mix the grinded rice and daal together into a batter. At first pre-heat the pan. Put the milk in the pan and add sugar to it. Stir the milk so that the sugar coagulates with the milk. Add the batter to the pan. When the batter gains its consistency, add cardamom powder, grated coconut and stir well. Now apply a coat of oil on a plate and pour the mixture into it. Keep the plate unaltered for 15 minutes so that the mixture hardens and attains the shape of the plate. Cut the settled mixture into desired shapes. Now the chandrakanti pieces are ready to serve.

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