Dahibara ( ଦହି ବରା )

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Ingredients : Ingredients ( ଆବଶ୍ୟକ ସାମଗ୍ରୀ ) :
1 cup Urad dal ( Biri ) ( ବିରି )
1-2 green chillis (chopped) ( କଂଚା ଲକାଂ ଚପ୍ )
1 1/2 cup curd (slightly sour preferably) ( ଦହି )
1/2 roasted cumin powder ( ଜିରା ଗୁଣ୍ଡ )
1/3 red chilli powder ( ଲକାଂ ଗୁଣ୍ଡ )
a pinch of baking Soda ( ବେକିଂ ସୋଢା )
1 tbsp Suji ( ସୁଜି )
1/5 tsp black salt( kala namak ) ( କଳା ଲୁଣ )
salt as per taste ( ଲୁଣ ଆବଶ୍ୟକ ଅନୁସାରେ )
vegetable oil (ରିଫାଇନ୍ ତେଲ)- for deep frying ( ଛାଣିବା ପାଇଁ )
For tempering - ( ଫୁଟଣ ପାଇଁ )
few curry leaves ( କିଛି ଭୃସଗଂ ପତ୍ର )
1-2 dry red chillis ( ଶୁଖିଲା ଲକାଂ )
2 pinch asafoetida ( ହେଗୁଂ )
few mustard-cumin seeds ( ସୋରିଷ ଜିରା )
HowToMake: b>How to Prepare ( ପ୍ରସ୍ତୁତି ପ୍ରଣାଳୀ ) :
Soak urad dal for at least 4-5 hours.Wash soaked dal properly. Now grind the dal into a smooth paste. Add salt to the batter and mix well. Now cover the batter and keep aside to ferment for 3-4 hours. Once the batter is fermented add suji and baking soda and mix well. Whip it lightly to incorporate some air into the mix. Heat oil in a wok for frying baras. Add a little portion of the curd ( approx 2 tsp )to some warm water in a mixing bowl. Add a little salt and mix well.Take a spoonful of the batter and carefully add to the hot oil. Do this 6-7 times per batch. Fry on all sides till it turns brown . Remove the fried vadas and add to the curd water prepared earlier. Allow the vadas to rest in the warm mixture for 1/2 hour.
Meanwhile, take the remaining curd in another bowl. Add salt, black salt, chilli powder, roasted cumin powder and chopped green chillis to it and beat gently to break any lumps. Add 2 1/2 cups water( you can add more if you like a thinner consistency ). Transfer the soaked baras into this curd mixture. Heat 1 tsp oil in tempering pan. Add mustard seeds, broken red chilli, curry leaves and assfoetida. Pour this tempering over the dahi-baras. Keep aside for 3-4 hours.

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