Poda Pitha ( ପୋଡ ପିଠା )

Speacility : Raja parab ( ରଜ ପର୍ବ )
Ingredients : Ingredients :
Rice- 500 grams
Urad dal( biri) white or black -500 grams
Sugar (chini)-500 grams
Green Cardamom( ilaichi) powder – 1 tea spoon
Salt as needed
1 tablespoon Cashew nuts (kaju) (optional)
1 Kismis (raisins)(optional)
1 teaspoon oil or 1 teaspoons Ghee
HowToMake: How to Prepare:

Soak rice and urad dal in separate bowls for at least 4 to 5 hours. wash soaked item separetaly.These will be later ground together to make a batter which ferments for 6 hours or more. Grind the soaked items separately. Now mix the grinded rice and daal together into a batter Combine the urad dal paste and rice paste together in a bowl and cover and keep aside to ferment overnight. Once the batter is fermented add salt to the batter and mix well.. Break coconut into 2 halves. Grate one half and cut the other half into small pieces. Now add all the coconuts, suger, cardamom powder, Cashew nuts(kaju) and raisins (Kismis) to the batter. After add all the ingredients mixed the batter well. You can use pressure cooker or any vessel or microwave. Take a pressure cooker put oil or ghee to it and heat. Add the batter to it and Close the cooker with a lid with no whistle.Pressure cook without whistle in medium heat for first 5mins then lower the heat to little above sim and cook for 20 -30 mins or until a tooth pick inserted comes out clean.After 30mins switch off and leave the poda pitha in the cooker for 5more mins then open.

Description: This is a famous Pitha made in Odisha. Poda means burnt and Pitha is one type of cake. Mostly made during festivals but it has a special place during Raja festival which is celebrated in the mid month of june.

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