Jain Heritage

Description : Jainism has been an undercurrent in Orissa's religious development right from the time Parsvanatha preached from the Kumara and Kumari Parvatas to the present day. In the 7th century BC, 23rd Tirthankar, Parsvanath Swami, preached Jainism in Kalinga and king Karakanda was converted by him. The king built Karkanda Vihar for the propagation of Jainism and installed in it the image of the 2nd Tirthakar, Ajitnath. Mahavir Jaina visited Kalinga to propagate the reformed version of Jainism and installed the Vijay Chakra on the Kumari (Udaygiri) hill, which became a famous pilgrimage center along with Pithunda Nagar where the image of Rishavnath was installed after consecration. Jainism seems to have reached its zenith in the state during the reign of Emperor Kharvela who made it the state religion.

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