Khiching ( ଖିଚିଂ )

Description : Khicing is a ancient village in Mayurbhanj District of Odisha. The name Khiching is a corruption of Khijjinga or Khijjinga-kota, the capital of the early Bhanja rulers. The ruins of this ancient magnificent town extend far beyond the limits of the present village from the bank of the Khairabandhan river in the north to that of the Kantakhair river in the south. Due to its geographic location and political role, it experienced varied cultural influences and liaisons. Such influences and liaisons assisted in the development of the art of Khiching.

The art of Khiching expressed the aesthetic and religious sensibilities along with an individuality of its own. The figure sits on the lotus throne in a posture of Yogi, touching the earth, with the fingers of his right hand, making the earth witness to his great vow, placing the left hand palm upward on his lap. The face looks graceful with dangling ear-ring and branches of the Aswatha tree are shooting up from the Unisa, suggesting the Bodhi tree of the Uruvela forest where the Blesses one attained Enlightment. Khiching have three ancient temples dedicated to Kutaitundi, Chandrasekhar and Kichakeswari.

The image, however, seems engrossed in deep mediation and reveals soft modeling and pulsation of life within. A few figures of Vajrasan Bhddha are found in this site and they differ both in style and execution. They sit on the lotus not on cross-legged posture but nearly placing the right leg upon the left one and they display in right hand not the Bhumisparsa but Varda attitude, although the left hand is lying with palm upwards, on the Utsanga. In each of these images, Aswatha branches are seen shooting up from unisa and heavenly beings paying obeisance from the sky above, while below the lotus throne a devotee is found worshipping with several upacharas. All these Buddha figures are however, much inferior in artistic merit to the colossal image of Bhumisparsa Buddha and although they display great vigour, they lack in soft modeling and appeared conventional and crude.

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