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Swine Flu Number Increasing in Country

Date: 2015-02-11

New Delhi : Swine flu menace is growing in the country, with toll recording 38 in Maharashtra and 100 in Rajasthan. Where as in Gujarat 88 people have been died so far. The flue was under control in 2009 after having a world-wide spread.
JP Nadda, Union Health Minister from Gujarat has reviewed the situation in state Tuesday , the state with is one of the most affected by swine flu. In Maharashtra, the health department has revived the action plan, the plan was to formulated to fight the flu in 2009. By this, it is going to be renewing demarcation of isolation words at specific government hospitals.
In Rajasthan, Head of the swine flu task force, Dr Ashok Panghadia issued instructions that a physician has to attend the flue wards for around the clock. He also said to open new ward at SMS medical Hospital at Jaipur.

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