Sachidananda Routray
: Gurujang, near Khurda
District: Khordha
Category : Literature
Born : 13 May 1916
Died : 21 August 2004
Details : Sachidananda Rautray was an Oriya poet, novelist, short-story writer. He received Jnanpith Award, the highest literary award of India, in 1986. He was popularly known as Sachi Routray.

Sachi Routray has been writing poems for more than half-a-century now or even more, Count-less poems: rich in form and content using symbols, myths and archetypes; most of t hem in free verse. In a sense, he is without parallels. While his contemporaries are all taciturn in spirit, Routray, acclaimed to be the people’s poet continues to wield his pen. He has indeed been a prolific writer-a poet, a short story writer, a novelist and a critique all rolled into one. He is a towering figure in modern oriya literature. A BODHIDRUMA, the enfant terrible.

Sachi Routray was born in Gurujang near Khurda on May 13, 1916. While a school boy he was drawn into the vortex of the freedom struggle. So revolutionary were his poems that some of them were banned by the British. Sachi Routray made the debut in writing poetry at the early age of elven. He has been writing poems ever since. He married a Telugu princess from the royal family of Golapalli. Routray started writing poems from the age of eleven. He was also involved in freedom struggle while in school. Some of his poems were banned by British Raj for revolutionary content.

He started his writing career through " patheya " (1st poetry) in 1932. In a writing career spanning six decades he has published many volumes of verse. Beginning with Pandulipi (Manuscript) up to Kavita-1990 Routray’s poem have been as varied and powerful as his life. Another poem of Routray’s is Baji Rout. Translated by Harindra Nath Chattopadhaya into English (The Boatman Boy and Forty other poems) this anthology is a landmark in Indian literature. The poem is about the martyrdom of a 12-year old boy of Bhuan in Dhenkanal. The boy who gallantly laid his life at the hands of the British police has emerged as an emblem of true sacrificial grandeur on the canvas of enkindled futurity. This is an immortal creation of Sachi Routray as it has kindled the hope and aspiration among the people who were tyrannized by the British as well as the feudal overlords of Dhenkanal. Sachi Routray wrote short stories as well with equal poise and elegance.

He was a prolific poet and published as many as twenty anthologies. His Pallishri, dealing with village life in Orissa, is as successful as his poem Pratima Nayak that portrays the suffering and the predicament of a city girl. He belonged to a group of writers who called themselves 'poets of the people'. Routray also published a few poems with religion as their theme.

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