Gourahari Das
: Sandhagada village
District: Bhadrak
Category : Literature
Born : 9 October 1960
Died :
Details : Dr. Gourahari Das is a story writer, novelist, columnist of Odisha. Gourahari Das was born on 9 October 1960 in Sandhagada village of Bhadrak district of Odisha to Gajendra Prasad Das and Smt. Sakuntala Das. After finishing elementary education at his village primary school and then at Ghatapur High School, he left for Cuttack. Where he earned his livelihood as a domestic help in some well-to-do families and managed to pursue his education in Ravenshaw Evening College. Starting from Intermediate to Postgraduate classes, he has studied in night colleges. He has never been a day scholar owing to his precarious financial condition. He holds the M.A, PhD, M.J.M.C. degrees.

He joined Sambad the largest circulated Oriya daily as a trainee-journalist in 1985. He continues there as the Editor of Features and Editor of Katha. He has worked in different capacities starting from the Director (News) of Kanak TV, a sister organisation of Sambad and CGM (News) of Sambad. Presently, Das is the Principal of Sambad School of Media and Culture which runs post-Graduate Programm in Journalism and Mass Communications. He writes a political gossip Rajdhani Rajneetiunder the pseudonym Sri Narada {the Hindu mythological character who is regarded as the very first journalist of the world) in Sambad. Jibanara Jalachabi is another very popular column in Sambad, which means Reflections of life where he reflects on his real life experiences which are inspiring, his strong words and forceful logical exposition probing the depths of human wounds and carrying the inner voice of the victim. Another of his regular columns is Orissa Diary which is also in Sambad, since 25 years. He has been continuously writing since 1980 and has published more than 40 titles by 2011.

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