Atibadi Jagannath Das
: Kapileswarpur Sasana
District: Puri
Category : Literature
Born : 1491
Died : 1550
Details : Jagannath Das was born in Kapileswarpur Sasana (one of the 16 traditional Sasana villages in Puri) on Radhastami in 1491, in a Kaushiki Gotri Utakali Purana Panda Family. His mother was Padmavati Devi and his father was Bhagavan Das. His father was a speaker on the Bhagavatam in Odisha. King Purushottam Deva was pleased with Bhagavan Das's delightful explanations of the Bhagavata philosophy and gave him the “Purana Panda” title. He trained Jagannath to follow him as a Purana Panda. Jagannath Das was almost the same age as Sri Chaitanya. Soon after their chance meeting under the Kalpa Bata, a spiritual kinship grew between the two that developed into a warm, lifelong friendship. Sri Chaitanya was an avid admirer of Das and called him "Atibadi."

Jagannath Das wrote Oriya Bhagavata, which is considered by many to be the jewel of early Orissan literature. It had a great influence in the standardizing of the Orissan language, through its judicious combination of Sanskrit and local words. Its popularity in Orissa is comparable to that of Tulasi Das’ Räma-carita-mänasa in North India and is still worshiped in many Orissan homes. Every Orissan village used to have a small house or room known as bhagavata tungi, where villagers would gather to listen to recitations of Jagannath Das’ Bhagavata. Many of its verses have become proverbs and are cited by people throughout Odisha. Sri Gananatha Das translated the Oriya Bhagavata into English.

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