Lakhmi Kanta Mahapatra
: Talapada
District: Balasore
Category : Literature
Born : 9th December1888
Died : 24th February 1953
Details : Born on 9th December in the year 1888 at village Talapada in undivided Balasore district. Father-Chowdhury Bhagabata Prasad Samantray Mohapatra. Mother Radhamani Dasi. He was an essayist, devotional writer and a comedian. He was also a satarist. He edited ‘DAGARA’.

He was famous for his novel ‘KANAMAMU’ & short story ‘BUDHA SANKHARI’. He has written more than thirty-three national (Patriotic) songs and ‘BANDE UTKALA JANANI’ national song has immortalized him. He has also written more than 100 devotional songs. ‘SABUTHIRU BANCHITA KARI’, ‘KEUN JASA BANA UDAIBA HE’ (Depriving me from everything which reputation flag you will Host’ O God) is very heart touching devotional song. Died on 24th February 1953. He is above all an essayist short-story writer, novelist, dramatist a patriotic and saint poet.

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