Manmohan Acharya
: Lathanga
District: Jagatsinghpur
Category : Literature
Born : 20 October 1967
Died :
Details : Manmohan Acharya is a poet and lyricist from India. He is also a researcher and published author. His contribution appears significant by inspiring the classical dance, Odissi, for the first time to enter into Bollywood with his lucid Sanskrit lyrics.

His Gita-Milindam contains 15 gunjans (songs) in different melodious rhythms. Manomohan Acharya speaks for the common mass. His creative technique suggests his attitude to life. Looking at his off-beat themes, none can deny that he is projecting the voice of the mass and hence is a postmodern poet. A devotional song from his Gitamohanam is included in the 2009 movie, The Desire. He authored many Sanskrit poetry to his credit. Some worth-mentioning are Gita-bhaaratam, Palli-panchaasika (Khandakavya), subhasa-charitam (Mahakavya), Sri Sivananda-Laharika (Philosophical Kavya) and Yati-giti-satakam (Sataka-kavya). As a playwright, Manomohan Acharya has written many dance dramas, including Arjuna-Pratijnaa, Shrita-kamalam, Pada-pallavam, Divya-Jayadevam, Pingalaa, Mrtyu, Sthitaprajnah, Tantram, Purva-sakuntalam, Uttara-sakuntalam and Raavanah.

Manmohan Acharya was born in the village Lathanga in Jagatsinghpur district in Orissa, India in 1967. He was born in a Sanskrit family of Lathanga, Orissa of parents Pandit Mayadhar Acharya and Parvati Devi. Manomohan Acharya has contributed a lot to modern Sanskrit literature both as Poet and Play-wright.

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