Pratibha Satpathy
Category : Literature
Born : 8 January 1945
Died :
Details : Dr. Pratibha Satpathy is an eminent poet of Oriya literature. She had been recognised as one of the leading poets of the country and had been honoured with the Sahitya Akademi Award, New Delhi. Here is a glimpse into her life and contribution to literature. Pratibha Satpathy is one of the leading poets of Orissa. She has been writing poetry in Oriya for more than forty years. Her poetry expresses deep human sensibility in lucid form while attempting to explore the mystery of human relationships and beyond. She was editor of one of the leading Oriya magazine 'Istahaar' for 25 years. Now she is editor of another famous poetry magazine 'Udbhasa' which is published quarterly.

Born on January 8, 1945, Smt. Pratibha Satpathy is an extraordinary genius for her creative poetry writing. She has viewed from the close angle the sensitive feelings of an woman and has given those in realistic poetic shape. She received Jhankar Award in 1981.In 1992 for her poetry SABARI, she had received Sarala Award. Pratibha is not only famous for writing Oriya poetry, but also known to be a great literary critic. She has also translated a number of famous English literatures of well-known writers such as Pearl S. Buck into Oriya language. Many of her books in Oriya have been translated into Hindi by herself. She has won many literary acclaims for her superior writing standard. For her remarkable literary works, she has been invited to attain a number of national and international conferences and symposia at various point of her career.

Her poetry collections are Ama Kavita (1962), Asta Janhara Elegy (1969), Grasta Samaya (1974), Sahada Sundari (1978), Niyata Vasudha ( 1980, II edition 1987), Nimishe Akshara (1985), Mahamegha (1988), Sabari (1991, II edition 2005), Tanmaya Dhuli (1996, II edition 2003), Adha Adha Nakshyatra (2001), Kahi Na Hele (2006).

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