Ramakrushna Nanda
: Bairoi
District: Cuttack
Category : Literature
Born : 15 February 1906
Died :
Details : Ramakrushna Nanda of Bairoi, Cuttack, Odisha, was an author of children's literature. Ramakrushna Nanda was born in small village in Orissa called Bairoi. An exponent of children’s literature, he composed the song "Ahe Dayamaya Biswa Bihari", a favourite of Mahatma Gandhi at Sabarmati Ashram. This song was included in his Oriya text book Sahitya Sopana, and went on to become the most popular song in Orissa.

When Nanda was fourteen his father Madhusudan Nanda died 1892. His mother died in 1951. In 1925, Nanda married Soudamini Devi (d. 13 August 1988). They had eight daughters and one son. Nanda's younger brother was Dinakrushna Nanda.

His education began in a temporary school in Kantapada and later on came to Cuttack to join Revenshwa Collegiate school. There he wrote the first article of his life in his school magazine Chandrika. The struggle for independence was just starting at that time. In Orissa it was Pundit Gopobandhu who had taken the leadership. Ramakrushna was inspired by Gopabandhu and joined the freedom struggle by leaving the school and started working as a Swecha Sebaka. He stayed in Alkasrama and from that day Mahatma Gandhi and Ramakrushna Paramhansa became his role model.

Nanda began his career as a teacher at Banki school. He was then, for six years, an assistant teacher at Baripada high school. In 1933, Nanda became a social worker. He began a local welfare organization called Narayan Samiti. After working for six years at the Baripada high school he came back to Cuttack to earn his Bachelors in Education. He came back to Baripada after one year and wrote Oriya text book Sahitya Sopana. He left his job at Baripada and joined as the head master in Bhingarpur high school. In 1946 he left this job and came back to Cuttack. Nanda's first text book in the Oriya language was Sahitya Sopana. In 1946, he left this job and came back to Cuttack. On 21 July 1947, Nanda opened Parijata press. In August 1952, he began the Sansar magazine. The press closed in 1961. In retirement, Nanda wrote children's books and songs. Of the form nanabaya, (nonsense rhyme), Nanada said.

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