Devi River River

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Name: Devi River
Details: Devi river is one of the principal distributaries of Mahanadhi. It flows through Jagatsinghpur district and Puri district across Odisha state in India and joins Bay of Bengal. The river forms the final part of a great network of Mahanadi river. Katjuri (Kathajodi) river is the main southern distributary of Mahanadi river branching off at Cuttack, Odisha.Katjuri river later acquires the name Devi as it flows further east. The river flows through Alipingal, Macchagaon and Naugaon blocks in Jagatsinghpur district and Astaranga and Kanas blocks in Puri district. It reaches Bay of Bengal 70 kilometres (43 mi) south of the mouth of Mahanadhi river, a short distance from the border of Cuttack and Puri districts.The mouth of the river is surrounded by dense forests absent of inhabitants.

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