Bhimesvara Siva Temple
Location: Bhubaneswar
Famous For : Siva temple
District: Khordha
History : Bhimesvara Siva temple is located within the Uttaresvara Siva temple precinct, in the northern embankment of Bindusagar tank. This temple was constructed during the period of 12th or 13th century, though, exact dates of construction are not confirmed but according to the pastern used in construction, the period seems of 12th or 13th century A.D. This temple is located in the state capital of Odisha.The enshrining deity of this temple is a Siva lingam within a circular yoni pitha at the centre of the sanctum. This is a living temple facing east. The temple has a square vimana with a modern concrete hall in front of the vimana serves as the jagamohana. Like Uttaresvara Siva temple this temple was also renovated from pabhaga portion. On elevation, the vimana is of rekha order having bada, gandi and mastaka. With threefold divisions of bada the temple has a trianga bada. The parsvadevata niches are located in the jangha portion on three sides. The western raha niche houses a beautiful four armed Kartikeya standing over a lotus pedestal. His lower left hand rests over a cock and lower right hand holding the beak of his mount peacock. He is holding a dambaru in his upper left and a trident in upper right hand. The northern raha niche houses a four armed Parvati standing over a lotus petal. The deity holds lotus in her lower left, akshamala in lower right, a staff in upper left and a nagapasa in upper right arm. The southern niche houses a four armed Ganesha standing over a lotus pedestal. He holds a rosary in lower right, Varadamudra in upper left, lower left hand rests over the parasu whereas upper left hand holds a broken tooth. All the parsva devatas(supplementary deities) in the niches are recent installations. The doorjamb is carved with three plain vertical bands. At the lalatabimba there is a Gajalaxmi seated on a lotus pedestal. The deity holds a lotus in her left arm and right hand is in Varada mudra.
How to Reach : Bhubaneswar is the nearest airport located at 17 kilometers from this temple and availability of road conveyances is good from airport itself. Bhubaneswar is nearest railway station and it is well connected to all the major cities of the country. Road connectivity to this temple is very good and buses from all over the Odisha state are easily available. Taxies are also regularly available on affordable charges.

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