Patalesvara Siva temple – I
Location: Bhubaneswar
Famous For : Siva Temple
District: Khordha
History : Patalesvara Siva Temple – I is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, located in Old Town, Bhubaneswar. This temple dates back to 13th century, and belongs to the Ganga era. At present, this temple is situated inside the compound wall of a private residence. The elevation is 70 ft. Patalesvarasiva temp-I is situated on the left side of the Kedara-Gouri road (leading from Parsuramesvara temple to Bindusagar) at a distance of 200 m westof Parsuramesvara and 50.00 mtrs north-west of Champakesvara temple in Old Town, Bhubaneswar. The temple is buried up to half of the raha niche. On plan, temple is pancharatha with a square vimana extending towards a frontal porch. The temple is of rekha order with components like bada, gandi and mastaka that measures 10.7 m in height. On elevation, the bada measuring 3.600 m has fivefold divisions namely pabhaga (1.00m) buried, talajangha (0.73 m), bandhana of single moulding (0.17 m),upara jangha (0.72 m) and baranda of three mouldings (0.98 mtrs). The gandi above the baranda measuring 6.10 mtrs in height is curvilinear and pancharatha as distinguished by a central raha and a pairs of anuratha and kanika pagas on either side of the raha. Because of the cement plaster the walls are plain except udyota simha on the eastern wall. The mastaka as usual on Orissan temples has components like beki, amlaka, khapuri and kalasa. v) Raha niche & parsva devatas: The raha niches on three sides uniformly measure 0.80 m in height, 0.52 m in width and 0.30 mtrs in depth are partly buried, devoid of ornamentation and empty of parsvadevatas. v) Decorative features: — Doorjambs: The doorjambs measuring 2.10 mtrs in height and 1.50mtrs in width are decorated with three vertical bands of puspa sakha, lata sakha and patra sakha from exterior to interior. At the lalatabimba there is a Gajalaxmi seated over a lotus pedestal and flanked by two elephants standing on full blown lotus on either side. On the base of the doorjambs there are dvarapala niches enshrining Saivite dvarapalas holding trident in their left hands. Lintel: Above the doorjambs is a graha architrave that measures 1.80 m in length and is carved with the traditional navagrahas flanked by two atlantid ganas. The grahas are housed in small pidha niches, seated in padmasana. Rahu is depicted with shoulder rather than a head with hands and Ketu has serpent tail and turned hands. There is an image of Nataraj housed in a niche in the gandi, which is a later insertion. The building material is grey Sandstone and laterite.
How to Reach : Bhubaneswar is the headquarters of the East coast of the Railway station. The city is well connected to other major railway junctions located in the metros. There are passenger trains which travel on a regular basis. The city has good private and public bus service that runs on the state and national highway road. The airport is located at the centre of the city. Taxis and auto rickshaws will drop you into the city from the airport.

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