Dalmia Dharamsala
Location: Bhubaneswar
Famous For : three-storeyed building
District: Khordha
History : The Dalmiya Dharmasala is a three-storeyed building which serves as a temporary stay for visitors and pilgrims. The foundation stone dates the dharmasala back to 1920 A.D. and was commissioned by Rai Bahadur Sedmull Dalmia under the name Rai Bahadur Sedmull Dalmia Dharmasala. At present, the dharmasala is maintained by a Broad of Trustees under the care of Gunanidhi Mohapatra. Situated in the Tala Bazar Chowk across the road in the eastern embankment of Bindusagar Tank, Old Town, Bhubaneswar This is a private property and is surrounded by a big paddy field on the eastern side, the Bindusagar tank in the west across the road at a distance of 5.00 metres, private residential buildings in the north and the Doodwawalla Dharmasala in the south. The Dharmasala can be approached on the left side of the Talabazar road branching from Kedara-Gouri Chowk to the Lingaraja temple.
How to Reach : The Dharamsala is well connected by roads and there are many buses and autos that run near to this purpose..

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