Maa Tarini Temple
Location: Ghatgaon
Famous For : Maa Tarini
District: Kendujhar
History : Maa Tarini is one of the embodiments of Shakti and is one of the chief presiding Goddesses in Oriya culture. Her chief shrine is in Ghatagaon, Keonjhar District, Odisha. Ghatagaon is only 45 km from Keonjhar town.No one has come empty handed from Maa’s temple. Maa has always answered the prayers of her devotees. Maa’s has given each one of them what they deserve to get. Maa needs nothing from her devotees except few things like dedication, pureness and love. Maa Tarini is always depicted as a red face with two large eyes and a mark in the middle which serves as an indication for a nose and also a tilak. This primitive conception is symbolic of the simplicity of tribal beliefs and ceremonies. The red colour has been attributed to dyes made out of iron ores or ocher which are quite plentiful in the state and would thus have been used by the tribes for anointing and decorating the sacred figures of worship. The ornate letters in the background mean "Maa" or Mother in the Oriya language. They were a much later addition although the Oriya script did change very slightly over the millennia. Patua Yatra Is the most famous festival of this place celebrated in the month of April. It is said by the local people that King of Kendujhar was bringing Tarinini Maa from puri to Kendujhar with a condition that if he turn back then she'll not move further. The King was riding a horse and Goddess was following her to Kendujhar. King could know that Maa Tarini was coming behind from the sound of her ornaments but near the ghatagaon in the deep forest the sound of the ornaments didn't came and the king looked back thinking that she's not coming. But Maa Tarini was coming and due to the forest mud her ornaments sounds was not coming. Due to the condition Maa tarini stayed there and worshiped as the queen of Forest. Till today Maa Tarini is being worshipped in Ghatagaon. Which is now a major tourist attraction in Keonjhar (Odisha). If one gives a coconut on the name of Maa at anywhere in Odisha then it will be carried to Maa Temple without any hesitation.
How to Reach : Bhubaneswar, the capital city of the odisha, is the only airport in the state connected to different parts of the country throughout regular flights. The major cities connected to Bhubaneswar are Kolkata, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. From Bhubaneswar very good road transport facility is available to reach the Temple of MAA.There is an broad railway system that connects different parts of the state as well as different parts of the country. Bhubaneswar and Puri are the main rail heads for the state. There is no direct train netwrk to Maa’s Temple but one can go upto Jajpur Road station and from there lots of road transport service available to reach Maa’s temple. There is a good road network in the state connecting it with the other parts of the country as well as different places of the state. Regular Bus servises are availble from major cities of orissa throughout the day.

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