Bhagabati Temple
Location: Banapur
Famous For : Goddess Bhagabati
District: Khordha
History : The temple of the goddess Bhagabati, the presiding deity of the Indian town Banapur has earned celebrity as a centre of religious activities. Once Banapur was the capital of the Sailodhvaba dynasty, responsible for the construction of the early group of temples at Bhubaneswar. The large number of Buddhist images discovered at Banapur relate the place to the Vajrayana cult of Buddhism. he place is famous for the temple dedicated to goddess Bhagabati, the presiding deity of Banpur. It is one of the famous Shakti Pithas of Odisha. The temple stands on the edge of a deep pool within a high enclosure wall.
How to Reach : Banpur is located 8 kms. from Balugaon and 105 kms. from Bhubaneswar. It is well connected to the state and national highway road. Bhubaneswar is the headquarters of the East coast of the Railway station.

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