The Kondha are indigenous tribal groups of India and the largest tribal in Orissa. The Kondhs, or the Kui as they call themselves. They have a great cultural heritage and values which respect nature. Maliah Kondhs are majority among the Kondh sub-groups. Their native language called "Kui" is free of written script.Their Kui language is Dravidian and spoken with only slight regional variations.Their height is about the average standard of the persons of the Peninsula. <br>Their forms are characterised by strenght and symmetry. The musculus of the limbs and body are clear and glossy, its colour ranging from light bamboo to a deep copper shade, the heel in a line with back of the leg. As regards their character, the Kandhas possess a great love for liberty. They are faithfull to their friends. Kutia Kondhs dwell in remote hills in the extreme south-west of Kondhmal district. One sub-group of kondhas is called Dongria Kondhas. Dongria Kondhs inhabit the steep slopes of the Niyamgiri Range of North-West Koraput (undivided) district and over the border into Kalahandi. Kandhas are to be found throughout Orissa and mostly in the districts of Ganjam, Baudh, Kandhamal, Kalahandi and parts of Bolangir and Sambalpur districts. <br>They have a subsistence economy based on foraging, hunting & gathering but they now primarily depend on subsistence agriculture and they work entirely on the steep slopes for their livelihood. Kuvi is extremely nasal form of the Kondh langauage and also contains a ew Telugu words,. Family is ruled by the head member and there is a joint family life amoung them. The post of the head of the village is heriditary. The main cultivation of Deshia Kandha is Maize and they are found of Podu Cultivation.

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