The Oraons are one of the largest and most pogressive tribles, they are also known as Kurukh tribes. The Oraon language, Kurukh, belongs to the Dravidian family, and is most closely related to Brahui and Paharia. Oraons used to make chemical fetilisers, pesticides, and improved varites of seeds and moders techniques of agricultre. Oraons, which is mainly depends on agriculture. Economically better off than most of the others they are not shackled by debts and can afford a better quality of life with good approach roads to their villages, cycles and even motor bikes for transport, transistor sets and wrist watches. <br>Their social life is remarkable in that they accept widow remarriage and permit divorce by either partner on goruonds of adultery, bad temper and, of all things, alziness! Festivals have been a part of life for tribals since ancient time. Sarhul and Karma are the two main important festivals of these tribals. They are also very fond of music and dance

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