The Santal as Santha are the largest tribal, found mainly in the states of Orissa, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Assam. They are also deeply concerned with personal hygine and the cleanliness of their surroundings. As far as the languages of these Santal tribes are duly concerned, they converse with other in their own dialect, commonly known as Santali. This Santali language is believed to be one of the ancient languages of Indian subcontinent. It falls in to the Munda group of the Austro- Asiatic sub-family, which again embellishes the broad language family namely, Austric family of languages. <br>According to the Santal culture, the supreme deity, who ultimately controls the entire universe, is Thakurji. The weight of belief, however, falls on a court of spirits (bonga), who handle different aspects of the world and who must be placated with prayers and offerings in order to ward off evil influences. These spirits operate at the village, household, ancestor, and subclan level, along with evil spirits that cause disease, and can inhabit village boundaries, mountains, water, tigers, and the forest. A characteristic feature of the Santal village is a sacred grove on the edge of the settlement where many spirits live and where a series of annual festivals take place. Fair and festivals also are part and parcel of the culture of this Santal tribal community. They fete festivals like Karama festival and Makar Sankranti on an elaborate manner

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