The Gonds tribal mostly found in central India and the Gonds, a warrior caste and conquerors of yesteryears. Before the Gonds sow a filed, some grain, fowls and pigs are sacrificed to the presding deity. Blood from the sacrificed animals is sprinkled on the seeds which are distributed among the villagers, who in turn sow them in their fileds for luck. <br>Agriculture, collecting minor forest produce, forging metal goods in cottage industries, fishing,hunting,other primary sector activities are the main activities of Gonds. Marriages are preferred within the blood relations mostly according to Hindu rites and customs. Gonds have pro-fertility mentality.Divorces ,remarriages ,widow marriages , marriages with the wives of the brothers and between brothers and sisters are common.In the event of the death of the husband the widow can marry the younger brother and in all cases he need not be unmarried.

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