Satakoshia Wildlife Sanctuary

The Satkoshia Gorge Sanctuary was established in 1976 to protect a population of the endangered gharial (Gavialis gangeticus). Some 107 captive-reared individuals were released into the river between 1977 and March 1980 to augment the vestigial wild population. The animals are strictly protected within the Sanctuary. Satkosia gorge is a unique feature in geomorphology in India. Here Mahanadi has out right across the Eastern Ghats and has formed a magnificent gorge.. The sanctuary is popular for its deciduous forests, dry deciduous forests and moist peninsular Sal forests. A varied array of fauna such as Tiger, Leopard, Elephant, Gaur, Sambar, Spotted Deer, Mouse Deer, Nilgai, Choushingha, Sloth Bear, and Wild Dog. Varieties of resident and migratory birds and reptilian species (gharial, mugger crocodile, fresh water turtle, poisonous and non-poisonous snakes etc.) can be spotted here. Satkosia Gorge Wildlife Sanctuary is well connected by rail with the nearest railway station at 76 kilometers from it.

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