Chilika Bird Sanctury

Chilika, the largest brackish water wetland (1000 sq. km aprox.) in the country is situated in the east coast of the state in the district of Puri, Ganjam and Khurda. A vast and picturesque lagoon/lake is famous for rich bio-diversity including the migratory birds and has been acknowledged as a "Ramsar site". The lagoon hosts over 160 species of birds in the peak migratory season, and at least 97 of these are intercontinental migrants. The Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary is best known for the birds which come from as far as Siberia to make it their temporary home in the winter season.Birds from as far as the Caspian Sea, Lake Baikal, Aral Sea and other remote parts of Russia, Kirghiz steppes of Mongolia, Central and southeast Asia, Ladakh and Himalayas come here. These birds travel great distances, but it must be stressed, that the migratory birds probably follow much longer routes than the straight lines, possibly up to 12,000 km, to reach Chilika. Of the species recorded, 32% are waterfowl, 23% are waders and 45% are terrestrial, including 14 types of birds of prey.

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