Chandaka Sanctuary

Chandaka Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary, twenty kilometers from the centre of temple city of Bhubaneswar, located in the highlands of Khurdha and Cuttack. The Sanctuary was marked out to check and restore the depleting forest cover which once covered Bhubaneswar. Conservation management techniques over the last two decades have revived the natural vegetation of the designated area which now supports a variety of wild life. The Park has successfully bred many of the endangered species like tiger, leopard, Asiatic lion, the three Indian crocodiles, sangai, lion-tailed monkey, Nilgiri langur, Indian penguin, mouse deer and many land and water birds. Among the fauna about 30 species of mammals, 27 species of reptiles and 120 species of birds can be sighted. he mixed tropical dry decidous and moist deciduous forests with miscellaneous species, bamboo and planted teak provide ideal habitat for elephant (83 nos.), leopard, hyena, spotted deer, wild dog, wild boar, ratel, pangolin, pea fowl, red jungle fowl, white ibis,dab chicks, open bill stork, egret, python, monitor lizard etc. A variety of snakes, like the python, and the monitor lizard can also be sighted there. Mugger crocodiles have adapted to large water bodies within the sanctuary.

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